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5 Keys to Sustaining Engagement in Social Media Integrated Healthcare

Deb served as the social media panelist representative at the Fall, 2015 Midwest Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives, ACHE, in Sandusky, Ohio.  

The original title:  Leaders and Best: 5 Keys to Sustaining Engagement in #SocialMedia Integrated #Healthcare  

PHOTO Sandusky Social Media Healthcare Instagram


  • Suus non ut Difficile.  (Mayo Clinic approach)
  • You are not in it alone.
  • There are many ways to succeed.
  • Start with the 5 Keys, DPPEE

Summary, what resonated with the audience:

  • Yes, we can tell a story using social media.
  • It seems overwhelming, yet we can do more with the social media we are already using.
  • Presentation & discussion was on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 Sandusky, Ohio.

The SlidesShare is here:  Leaders and Best: 5 Keys to Sustaining Engagement in #SocialMedia Integrated #Healthcare  


Think like an Entrepreneur:   Be Anti-Fragile No Matter Where You Work, Women’s Leadership Day

Offered at the Executive Learning and Conference Center at the Ross Business School, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor on June 21st, 2014 by the American Business Women’s Association, the MAIA Chapter.  

See the program photos and Slideshare on the REVELN Tools page here.  (Scroll down to the Change, Entrepreneurship and Innovation section.)

Description:  How do you  FRAME an approach to entrepreneurial change that helps you adapt to a business climate that continues to evolve?

Anti-fragile organisms and businesses are made better, through stress. Smart leaders, including many women know the power of innately social practices for building strong, healthy networks.

The session included an information exchange, using an Affinity diagram to help build  shared learning and networks. Learn how to move past the inefficiencies of industrial age, persistent leadership practices to FRAME smart process and strengthened relationships and results.

Saturday, June 21st,  2014 Ross Business School, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Keynote by Senator Rebekah Warren

Radio spot that aired  on 107.1 FM:

Here’s the full agenda for the event:    WLD_AGENDA



7 Secrets to Union Management Success with Teams

April 10, 2014     Michigan: What’s in it for Me? “Why WE Makes Sense”

The Michigan Labor Management Association (MLMA) Partners in Progress ConferenceKellogg Conference Center Michigan State University, East Lansing
In a company setting, once what I want differs from what you want, we are in conflict. Conflict will naturally increase when shifting from a supervisor-to-employee model to a team model. This presentation describes a whole system, top to bottom and side to side process to implement teams in a union environment.


The “from me to we” shift is continuous process that requires a different type of renewal annually. With commitment to this approach, everyone, from top management and union officials down to frontline supervisors and employees can benefit mutually . Deb Nystrom, Reveln Consulting and Ron Koller & Rick Fenwick, Fenwick Koller Associates.  Slides and photos are now available here.
Deb, Ron, Rick REVELN & FKA










FRAME Smart Process AND Results:  An Energized Approach to Adaptive Change

Slides, photos & references now available below. March 27, 2014,

The KM Institute  KM Solutions Showcase™ Conference: Arlington, Virginia, USA

FRAME an Energized Approach to Adaptive Change, Smart Process AND Lasting Results 

People are innately social, so why not use innately social methods to empower informal and formal knowledge management practices? Learn how to FRAME an approach to adaptive, people centered change and knowledge management.
The session featured  Open Space Technology (OST), a flexible, energy-led method useful for problem solving as well as learning, providing timely, KM friendly results. If you’d like to help build organizational culture values that lead to high performance, featuring giving and shared learning, take a look at the materials and photos from this session.

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s adaptive change related quotes from his recent book, Anti-Fragile:  Things that Gain from Disorder is here:  Download the mini-summary as a .PDF or in Word


  • See Deb’s REVELN TOOLS page here for more change tools.  Session photos are below.  Click to enlarge.  Photos are also available on Flickr for download here.

    Deb’s expertise and service offerings are three-fold: 1) aligning data, people, and passion, 2) solutions from change facilitation and leadership, and 3) using social media, to empower change leaders, consultants, and coaches, using lessons learned from her popular “Social Media Learning Lab.”

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More presentations info below:


Deb Nystrom & Leslie McGraw

Deb Nystrom and Leslie McGraw, of the Social Media Learning Lab – Few experience a job for life, rather it’s a life of jobs. Social media becomes social learning & business.

Your One Big Life:

How to Be Anti-Fragile through Downturns, Upturns and Turnarounds

The session SlideShare, photos and the references page link are below:

  • March 7th, 2014   10:30 a.m.
  • Women of Color Task Force Conference,
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
  • Be the champion of Your One Big Life by learning how to stay focused on your goals through downturns, upturns and turnarounds.  Entrepreneurial work while employed is an option, if used judiciously, to build a “anti-fragile” plan B, C, and D.
  • Audience:  Those interested in entrepreneurial ventures that can coexist with the demands of work, family and fitness to build “one big life.”
  • Presenters:   Deborah Nystrom, MA,  Change Strategist, Performance Facilitation, Organization Development Specialist, REVELN Consulting Leslie McGraw, Les Go Social Media Marketing and Training

Sample photos from the conference and the session:

The full set of photos are with OPEN SPACE results are here on Flickr.

Our references page spreadsheet with live links is here.

Visit REVELN TOOLS here where Deb just posted a quotes summary from Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.    Deb’s book list is here, including several Taleb books

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Open Space at the ICF Michigan Annual Forum 2013 for Michigan Coaches

Thursday, October 17th, 2013 ~ Okemos, Michigan

Theme:  Grow your Coaching Business:  Make it Happen

Deb facilitated an afternoon Open Space Technology session for the ICF Michigan Annual Forum (the International Coaching Federation) attended by 60 professional Michigan area coaches.  (Click any photo to see full size and to rotate.)

Sample photos from several of Deb’s other recent Open Space events are below.  (Click any photo to see full size and to rotate.)


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From Chaos to Creative: Performance Development in a VUCA World

October 8th, 2013  | 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Presenter: Deborah Nystrom

MISHRM_LOGO5 extra small The 2013 25th Annual MISHRM Conference & Exposition

A statewide HR conference

October 5th – 9th, Grand Rapids, MI 

VUCA = Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous

(Click any photo to see full size and to rotate.)

See the latest blog post featuring early lessons learned, photos from this MISHRM event and more here:

Curing ONE of the Seven Deadly Diseases of Management, Performance Appraisals

MISHRM participants shared ideas and discussed possible early actions, questions and issues on the topic of performance management, appraisals, team and individual recognition, and more. SOME of the group discussion topics included:     Open Space Topics #From Chaos Performance Development 2013 MISHRM25   See the TOOLS page here for 1 page summary handout from the session. It’s been over a decade since Michigan based authors Coens & Jenkins published, Abolishing Performance Appraisals.  Their suggestions were built upon W. Edwards Deming’s systems of thinking and acting to achieve high performance. The SlideShare below and new blog post provides additional context for my Chaos to Creative: Performance Development presentation this Tuesday at 2:00 PM.

A History of Performance Appraisals: Letting Go to Power New Culture

Tweeting the conference.  Good things are happening: MISHRM tweets 2013

Tweets - REVELN Consulting at MISHRM 2013

  Even with research, and many books and articles suggesting alternatives, flawed appraisals show up in court regularly with rulings usually favoring employees.

Management receives limited benefit from the practice, although in some situations, the managerial, accountability aspects of appraisal make sense. In reality, the return on the time invested has been poor, so much so that large corporation are starting to end the practice, similar to the reduction of using forced performance rankings of employees.

Robert Owen       Management has been challenged to overcome drawbacks that include:

  • Bias, difficult to remove, even with constant training – manager personalities and life histories have impact,
  • Inconsistent application in organizations (managers apply practices differently),
  • Reductionist rating systems that do not overcome rater error,
  • Improper alignment to company goals and priorities, and stated values,
  • Poor return on the investment (ROI) of time and money.
Deb’s session will cover how to unleash gifts using systemic perspective with HR to helpfully challenge organizations and staff to nourish commitment and to put the emphasis on performance where it can do the most good.
VSHRM Board June 2013 with DebLearn and experience:
  • What works and what doesn’t in performance development and performance management
  • How to build the flip side of VUCA: Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility
  • What has brought useful traction in systemic use of performance management processes
Photo: Deb at the MI-SHRM 2011 Traverse City conference, with Ron Koller (a statewide HR conference)

Photo: Deb at the MI-SHRM 2011 Traverse City conference, with Ron Koller (a statewide HR conference)

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3 Success Factors that Define High Performance Teams

Deb talked about 3 success factors and 5 practices to help grow your own adaptive, agile and high performing team and organizations. See the full blog article and video here. Photo Gallery –   (Click any photo to see full size and to rotate.)

Contact Deb to learn more about this presentation and results, including 5 practical actions to help companies and organizations support the development of high performance teams.

JVS & REVELN Flyer 2013   See an excerpt from the workshop here: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

JVS, Southfield, MI

JVS, Southfield, MI

Business Connections group JVS, Rose and Sidney Diem Headquarters Building 29699 Southfield Rd., Southfield, MI 48076 More via Flyer – High Performance Teams – JVS – August 2013

VSHRM June Chapter meeting luncheon Valley Society for Human Resource Management

Building Resilient and Anti-Fragile Organizations

VSHRM Board June 2013 with Deb

VSHRM board members with Deb, from left to right:
Terry Schramm, Sandy Warner, Suzanne Schreiner, Gina Kellogg, Jennifer Westphal;
Deb Nystrom, REVELN Consulting; Tim Quinn, Jodie Jones, Sue Goddard

Here are a few samples from the presentation and group problem solving demonstration.  (Click any photo to see full size and to rotate.)

To see Deb’s SlideShare and blog post on this presentation, click here. Program description and Deb’s biography:  Building Resilient and Anti-Fragile Organizations, Speaking for VSHRM 2013 by Deborah Nystrom Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 Horizons Conference Center in Saginaw Includes SHRM members from Saginaw, Midland, and Bay City   Join Us!  SUBSCRIBE to notices of free days of our eBooks, tools, webinars and news on any of the yellow box pages including Reveln TOOLS here.  We will NEVER share your email or spam you with weekly emails.   You details are safe with us.   You may unsubscribe at any time.



The Michigan Labor-Management Association

Partners in Progress Conference

APRIL 18-19, 2013 Kellogg Center, MSU East Lansing 

Keynote Panel: Wellness –A Healthy Engagement: Organizational and Personal Fitness

  • Kent Sharkey, Moderator and CEO, Ulliance, Inc.
  • Deb Nystrom, Reveln Consulting
  • Elaine Schnueringer, Director, Health & Lifestyle Management, HealthPlus of Michigan
  • Ali Payne, Area Vice President, North Central Region Wellness Practice Leader, Gallagher Benefit Services
Panel Q & A at the MMLA, April 2013

Deb on the panel during the Q and A follow-up at the MMLA, April 2013

In a global, increasingly open, networked and social media savvy world, organizations are no longer the walled-gardens they once were.   Learn what overt and subtle practices and signs differentiate the healthy, learning organizations and leader / team relationships from those that are struggling or declining.

Silence, apathy, and disengaged compliance, as well as subtle and overt workplace bullying and harassment, even when handled well, can mar an organization’s productivity for years.

Organizations like Glassdoor and others now publish employee nominated lists of pros and cons of great workplaces.  It is also important to look beyond reported successes symptoms to find the deeper causes of what works and what doesn’t for leaders who want to fully use their staff talent to better handle complexity, including regulation, and to become more agile and “anti-fragile”, as well as innovative to not only survive, but thrive.

Learn about the steps and desired outcomes of building positive, planned change toward sustainable organizational wellness in an ever-changing world.

Deb & Tim Quinn, board member of the MMLA, April 18, 2013

Deb & Tim Quinn, board member of the MMLA, April 18, 2013

The Michigan Labor-Management Association (MLMA) is a state-wide forum in Michigan that promotes labor-management cooperation.

 * Educational Credits Applied for SHRM and MSU *




Be a Super Connector with Twitter

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013    at

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 – 11:45am – 1:00pm

Twitter continues as a happening place to be in social media.  It’s great for making connections everywhere including conferences, among colleagues and especially with prospective clients.

Here’s the LA2M full video of the presentation: Here’s the text of some of the other tweets sent during Deb’s presentation.

ecointernshipMar 27, 12:37pm via web Decide what your most wanted response is when using Twitter. #LA2M

peter_ayersMar 27, 12:37pm via Twitter for Android @mehraban:Be helpful, Do something for the other person, Ask for nothing in return. @chrisbrogan @dnrevel #LA2M generosity begats generosity

LA2MMar 27, 12:37pm via web Building community and social networks can take you amazing places. It works together like a grid. #LA2M

LA2MMar 27, 12:36pm via web “I used #Twitter to get to #LasVegas.” –Testimonial from @dnrevel. #LA2M

nniiccoolleeMar 27, 12:35pm via web RT @LA2M: Use visuals to share the parts of your personality. Don’t be afraid to share things that are genuinely you. #LA2M

carter84262Mar 27, 12:33pm via Twitter for BlackBerry® RT @LA2M: #Twitter is all about breadcrumbs. It’ll take people to other social networks, blogs, and online presences. #LA2M LA2M  Mar 27, 12:17pm via web    The math of social media can be exponential. 1 + 1 = 3 + ?#LA2M peter_ayers  Mar 27, 12:16pm via Twitter for Android Don’t fight it, embrace that thing you don’t want to do. You may find its exactly what you need #LA2M

LaurenMarie_S    Mar 27, 12:16pm via Twitter for iPhone
Agreed! Change of pace is nice. “@peter_ayers: Presenter using #prezi today at #LA2M a nice break from ppt”

LA2M  Mar 27, 12:15pm via web “The thing you are resisting may be the one thing you need to do,” says @dnrevel. #SocialMedia can help. #LA2M Davemenzo  Mar 27, 12:15pm via Twitter for Android     The things you resist are often the things you NEED to do #la2m

ecointernship   Mar 27, 12:15pm via web The very thing you may be resisting may be what you need to do. Push through the Fear. #LA2M

LA2M  Mar 27, 12:15pm via web .@twitter can be powerful for facilitating real-life introductions.#LA2M

carter84262  Mar 27, 12:14pm via Twitter for BlackBerry® RT @ecointernship: Tip #1 for Twitter Listen #LA2M

LA2M   Mar 27, 12:13pm via web On @twitter, create a network for yourself. Stay connected.#LA2M

LA2M   Mar 27, 12:13pm via web #Design and #visual elements are very important to engaging your audience on social media, says @dnrevel. #LA2M

ecointernship   Mar 27, 12:12pm via web Her first #Tweetup was 2008 and she was hooked. @RevelnConsults #LA2M

LA2M   Mar 27, 12:11pm via web RT @bsimon333: Getting my #LA2M on with a Twitter talk by @RevelnConsults.

LA2M   Mar 27, 12:11pm via web Even if you start with very little knowledge of @twitter, you can learn more from Tweet-Ups and other resources. #LA2M

  dnrevelMar 27, 3:51pm via HootSuite

Looking for PDF handout I mentioned @ #LA2M today?Here ’tis: 3 Crucial Elements to Turn Social into Business >   <>

Deb shared how she uses twitter (and twitter rules apply to other social media) to connect with important influencers.  She also shared 5 smart strategies to make the most of twitter and how you can make solid, fruitful business connections as a Super Connector.

Deborah Nystrom of REVELN Consulting, is a change facilitator & strategist; executive, leader team, and group coach; and an organization development consultant.

Deb is also a social media coach for coaches, consultants, and small business via the Social Media Learning Lab (SMLL.)  Deb’s SMLL Open Group on LinkedIn is here.  Feel free to join us and listen, learn, ask, share.

This is Deb’s third pillar of her three areas of focus and Deb’s third presentation at Lunch Ann Arbor Marketing, LA2M. If you are in the area, come listen, learn, ask & join the conversation with Deb.

Location: Conor O’Neills    318 South Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI

Social media photos with Deb & the Social Media Learning Lab:

More photos via

Business Success with a “Near Miss” at Entre-Slam

Deb won 2nd place with her Synchronicity, Entrepreneurial & Organization Development “rap”at this business story slam event in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Video with Deb’s surprise business rap subtitles are included. 

photo collection from the night is also here from the February 28th, 2013 Ann Arbor Entre-Slam competition, using the theme “Near Miss.”

Photoset via (downloadable)

Open Space & Social Business, Highlights with the Coaches 

Deb facilitated a session named:  SOCIAL BUSINESS FOR CONNECTION, LIVELIHOOD and FUN  for the West Michigan Coaches Forum, along with colleague, Peggy Caputo this past October. The group generated a lot in short time.   We all jumped right in to help each other learn to apply social media lessons we’ve been learning, with energy! SO. MUCH. WIN! ABUNDANCE! The gallery features the professional coaches at work in “Open Space” resulting in idea/expertise exchange, mentoring and partnership connections.

See the full Flickr photo gallery here.   Join the Social Media Learning Lab OPEN group on LinkedIn here.

Success Secrets of Trusted Change Advisors | ACMP 2012 

Deb was invited to join a savvy panel of change practitioners and to facilitate the Open Space portion of the event:

“I asked, “How many of you know about/have participated in an Open Space event?”  We were surprised to see only about 8 – 10 hands raised in a group of over 150 attendees at the global Association of Change Management Practitioners in Las Vegas this past week, (April 1-4, 2012) where we discussed Success Secrets of Trusted Change Advisors.

See the full photo set and flip chart proceedings here.

Names, panelists:  Liz Guthridge – Session Facilitator, Connect Consulting Group; Deborah Nystrom  – Open Space facilitator (me, in orange); Reveln Consulting &; Gail Severini, Conner Partners;  Michael Nestor, Vice President, Head of Change Management, Bayer Group; Jim Bohn, PhD., Global Director, CMO – Johnson Controls (now retired) Join Us!  SUBSCRIBE to notices of free days of our eBooks, tools, webinars and news on any of the yellow box pages including Reveln TOOLS here.  We will NEVER share your email or spam you with weekly emails.   You details are safe with us.   You may unsubscribe at any time.