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7 Secrets to Union-Management Success with Teams

April 10, 2014 

Michigan: What’s in it for Me? “Why WE Makes Sense”
The Michigan Labor Management Association (MLMA) Partners in Progress Conference
Kellogg Conference Center

Michigan State University, East Lansing

In a company setting, once what I want differs from what you want, we are in conflict. Conflict will naturally increase when shifting from a supervisor-to-employee model to a team model. This presentation describes a whole system, top to bottom and side to side process to implement teams in a union environment. The “from me to we” shift is continuous process that requires a different type of renewal annually. With commitment to this approach, everyone, from top management and union officials down to frontline supervisors and employees can benefit mutually .

Deb Nystrom, Reveln Consulting and Ron Koller & Rick Fenwick, Fenwick Koller Associates

Deb, Ron, Rick REVELN & FKA










Women’s Leadership Day

Deb will be presenting, topic to be announced.

Deb will be presenting, topic to be announced.

Saturday, June 21st,  2014
Ross School of Business,

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Deb’s leadership topic to be announced soon!

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Deb speaks on the topics of:

  • Performance
  • Adapting to Change (Anti-Fragile, Participative)
  • High Performing Teams
  • Becoming a Healthier, More Connected Organization
  • Beyond Performance Appraisals (how to transition)
  • Bullying in the Workplace, and
  • Social Media for Business


Preview:  What's coming next, letting go, replacing with new thinking.

Preview: What’s coming next, letting go, replacing with new thinking.

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