History & Models of Change Management > 10 Minutes, Snappy Visual Video | Paul Brown

Can it be done? Tour change management history, key influencers and several clear change management models in under 10 minutes. This visually compelling video does it well. As originally posted on our companion site, Change Masters (on Facebook) & ChangeManagementResources.com, Paul Brown does a great overview.

Snapshot from “A Brief Introduction to Change Management” by Paul Brown, London

This visually rich video provides perspective on change management via authors from the late 60’s through today AND models useful to on dealing with disruptive, chaotic change.

Photo: by teachernz, Flickr


It’s a fresh breath of air in a confusing field, sometimes overwrought with linear management approaches.

For more about the DVF model, see our earlier Change Masters post here which includes a free download .pdf of what symptoms present themselves when one of the elements of DVF is missing.

Illustration: The DVF > R model illustrated in this video by Dick Beckhard and Reuben Harris, Artist: Christine Valenza


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