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Competency Work–Top Down, Bottom Up, & Middle in Higher Education?

Competency programs and models seem to be picking up speed in higher education – which may be connected with the impact of social media and the career development aspects of competencies.

“My current thinking on competency models is to consider them more as an ‘intermediate stage’ in the evolution (of capability building efforts) rather than as the final stage.” — Prasad Kurian’s blog post, and Alltop HR blog on HR, OD and Personal Effectiveness

Change, Ethics, Trust & Timing for your Talent Management Decisions

References a new study by Hewitt Associates and the Human Capital Institute. Very few of the companies studied are executing their talent management strategy successfully. In short, plans on paper don’t translate to reality in the workplace when it comes to recruiting, developing and retaining talent.

Talent Management Choices: Who is the Star, the Individual or the Organization? (Update)

An original longer article citing two approaches: Talent Management Choices: Who is the Star, the Individual or the Organization? Used to launch my first blog at the University of Michigan. Still relevant in helping you build an appropriate talent management choice today. Also see my October 2010 post entitled: The Pervasive Talent and Blank Slate Myths Meet Potential and Capacity Coaching.

America’s Best Leaders 2008 – Do you agree?

America’s Best Leaders 2008 – Do you agree?
Panelists rated the nominees from to 1 to 5 based on how well they met the following criteria: Sets Direction (25 percent), shared sense of purpose, innovation,; Achieves Results (50 percent) Of significant depth and breadth;, positive social impact, sustainable; exceeds expectations; Cultivates a Culture of Growth (25 percent) communicating positive core values, inspiring others to lead. See the top three at EdgeCat and the full post if you want to read more.

PERFORMANCE CPO, Micro-Goals & Performance Management Systems

I’m back from sunny Argentina and wanted to share this new M-relevant blog format and post for the 2009 year:
* A news item about the new federal Chief Performance Officer appointment
* 2 blog-post references about goals: micro-goals as well as a performance management systems reference as a UM performance management pilot is underway.