3 Things To Know When Starting A Small Business, Lessons from Kitchen Nightmares

 Paring it down to the essentials makes a lot of sense for small business in start-up mode. 


Gorilla-Force Blog provides insights into how to set-up simplicity (over simple) for featuring the best of what you do.

Excerpted – March 31st, 2010 :

If you have ever watched an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, then you will notice…some amazing restaurant turnarounds.  …[H]e teaches some very important business lessons  that we can all learn a lot from.

  • Simplicity. …In just about every instance, he takes the overly numerous menu choices and immediately pares it down to no more than two pages of food choices. …The lesson here is “keep it simple” even when you feel compelled to be complex.
  • Presentation. At the end of the show, Gordon will often present the restaurant owners and staff with new food choices.  The food is bright, vibrant, and colorful.  …Here, the business lesson is pretty clear: take what you have and refresh it to be vibrant and inviting and simple.  …We all crave simplicity.
  • Less is more. During the show Gordon will show the owners that instead of putting piles of food on the plate, he would rather see a small portion.  …The real lesson here is about doing more with less.

I am doing this with Gorilla-Force.  …I am choosing to keep it simple, bright, and easy to use. …If you are just starting a business, think of ways you can apply these simple lessons.  Watch one of the episodes or a few of them and notice a pattern that is a ‘recipe’ for success.


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