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Seven (7) Ways to Respond to Bullying and a Queen Bee

Are you experiencing prolonged harassment?  It may be that you may have just encountered a bully, or, when adding gender into the mix, experiencing an adult “mean girl.” As the number of women in the workforce and in leadership increases, stress in leadership roles has naturally affected women, as it does men,  and can include gender-nuanced […]

10 Reasons Why Online Community Works: Using Secret Groups on Facebook

People will join groups when there is an unmet need. The refinements of online group social media platforms like Ning, Facebook and the neighborhood platform, NextDoor have made facilitating IRL connections as in, “In Real Life,” easier than ever. Online groups also transcend the generation divide. One reason is that Facebook continues to grow in […]

Deb’s Speaking Events

Prepared to Lead, 5 Ways Adaptive Leadership Creates High Performing Teams, Ann Arbor Deb presented at the A2Y Chamber of Commerce Leadership 2.0 day this past March. Synopsis: Recent and surprising research illuminates what it takes to deliver 21st century leadership through high performing teams. Learn the four leadership behaviors, five norms and five skills […]

Joining Social Media Ecosystems, Learning the Ropes

Happy Social Media Day!  It’s a great day to share learning about on-line communities. Pam covers the opportunities and challenges you may encounter in finding a good fit and taking right action in find the right relationships on-line, as well as the a social media culture & style that works for you. Twitter is also […]


Data-driven People Energy for Agile, Adaptable Change and High Performance: How can things be better?   Prepare for challenging or pivotal meetings or retreats, so you can fully participate Involve your organization’s members fully to revise  or drop business processes that are not delivering results Work through challenging team problems to build better productivity Examine work practices […]


Contact me via email, LinkedIn or phone.  Our REVELN privacy policy is also listed below. =======>>>>> A sample of Deb and REVELN’s topics & projects: Executive / leadership / team coaching Performance in higher education leader teams, faculty groups, nonprofits Adapting to change (antifragile, adaptive, collaborative), change readiness assessment Strategy, visioning, preparedness, planning, sustained […]