Why Reveln Consulting

Free Ride – Spyder ride in the country – Michigan from Deb Nystrom on Vimeo.

From the Fall,  enjoy a convertible ride in the country (1 min. video.)    Learn about the origins of the Reveln name below.

By Untitled blue, Flickr, CC - 2008

By Untitled blue, Flickr, CC – 2008

Reveln helps provide perspective and resources to extend your range of vision as leaders and as an organization.  Reveln Consulting is collaborative, facilitative, developmental & generative.  Our approach helps uncover:

  • Reason derived from data – people, groups, places, things – using a variety of methods.
  • Reason, sometimes held captive in silos, or cliques, via in/out groups, working through senior leaders’ “bubble” or isolation, as well as leader hierarchy.
  • Revelation, by leaders, teams, and groups as they bring the puzzle pieces together to see the whole.
  • The joy of seeing an undiscovered wholeness emerge through improved, more integral thinking
  • Factors that build lasting satisfaction when considering implications, commitments, right action, and next steps.

Reveln Consulting also incorporates tools based in Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS.)  As described by the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, the field includes emphasis on positive processes and improved organizational environments that lead to the development of human strengths and resiliency. A recent development is exploring Giver, Matcher and Taker culture as well as alternatives to resiliency via “anti-fragile” practices described here on Deb’s blog and critiqued here on Deb’s curation stream, Change Leadership Watch.

POS can include healing, restoration, and reconciliation in organizations.  Another key focus is cultivating extraordinary individual and organizational performance.

Reveln also happens to be:

Mits Spyder classic design 1998
  • A town in Sweden located here (near the Artic Circle) – a summer photo from the REVELN shore is here.
  • A connection to my husband’s 100% Swedish heritage  – the charm of lutefisk.
  • The name on my vanity license plate, circa 2005, long before I knew of the Swedish connection.  It is also the license plate that graces our ’98 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, a classic in waiting.

“Reveln” represents the gifts of a consulting perspective, since when you are in it as a client, you may not be able to see it. “

“Revel” as a name has been with me  since choosing a “unique name” for my university ID back in the 90s.  As Nystrom is my husband’s name, I found Reveln a good blend of  using Revelation, the original inspiration for the name, combined with reason.  Shared reason is a goal of effective organization development consulting.

To learn more about Reveln Consulting may assist you, contact me here to learn about  samples of work that may help you meet your current and future business needs.