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It IS about the conversation!  Content is there, but note the traction that happens in this under 2 minute clip with a “small talk” professional who understands the depth of making true connections in networking and connection.


This fun banter and Debra Fine’s “Small Talk” presentation is what it’s all about:  connection, enjoyment, and creating relationship. I didn’t know Debra except as a listener a few moments before. After this exchange, thanks to Dr. Diana Wong, who suggested we catch this informal clip, I now know her better. And Debra, who is being emailed this post as well as a later YouTube video, may say just the same thing about me.

More to come, including Diana’s great questions and Debra’s response on cultural keys in Small Talk.



This is the first time I’ve run across a clearly articulated post about something that has TRUMPED content. The ACE is the conversation! Years of the repetitious “content is King” has, in this post, has been overruled by something we know instinctively, via our various gatherings and connections.


When great conversation continues to happen with partners, it becomes a community. ~ Deb Nystrom


 In my view:

  • – When good conversation happens, it’s memorable.
  • – When great conversation happens, it’s a relationship. (Also great books!)
  • – When great conversation continues to happen, it’s a partnership.
  • – When great conversation continues to happen with partners, it becomes a community.


Here’s an excerpt of a great post by partner: Christopher S. Rollyson


Based on past client work and intense observation, I’ve observed that, increasingly, the conversation is the content. Frankly, most people are utterly fed up with consuming slick marketing “content.” They thirst for honest, real, human interaction that is authentic, spontaneous and caring. Therefore, marketing and ad firms’ approach of creating content to engage is quite outdated.


 …people are…fed up with…slick marketing “content.” They thirst for honest, real…interaction that is authentic, spontaneous and caring. ~ Christopher S. Rollyson


 Yes, content can spark conversation, but it is rapidly transitioning to a supporting role. Similarly, technology firms’ proposition, which is often, “Use this technology to engage people,” is equally outdated because, although inane technology can prevent a community from forming, it’s the human spark of knowledge and caring that carries the value. The best technology can only be intuitive and invisible — it won’t create a community.

Excerpted from a list of final thoughts:

  • The attraction for most people, social’s differentiation, is authentic, truthful interaction, not “content.”
  • The best parties are given by hosts who know how to invite the right people, make appropriate introductions, provide ancillary amenities and let their guests do the talking.

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