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  1. May I know the acronym of VoJ; VoC; VoF in theory U FRAMEWORK

    • Sure Juanito, VoJ – Voice of Judgment, VoC – Voice of Cynicism, VoF – Voice of Fear on the left side of the Theory U Framework. I also have a new handout on Theory U, now in its second edition, that explains both the principles and the terms. It is here:

      Suspending: The capacity to suspend one’s Voice of Judgment (VOJ) and to attend to the situation at hand.

      Redirecting: The capacity to shift your attention from an object (VoC) to the source from which that object is enacted and coming into being moment by moment.

      Letting go: The capacity to let go of your old self and your old identities and intentions (VoF) in order to create an open space for your emerging or authentic Self to manifest.

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