Future Midwest in Detroit, A Retrospective – Photo, Video Set



Note:  Updated in 2013 with minor edits.


Bro-founders, John and Scott of the growing company: 9 Clouds

Bro-founders, John and Scott of the growing company: 9 Clouds

See the full Video & Photo set:  Future Midwest 2011 Conference Day 1 – Set on Flickr.

Highlights from Future Midwest at Eastern Market, Detroit:

  • Oliver Starr discussing Curation via Pearltrees,
  • Example – Louis Vuitton store in Milan, Guggenheim museum in NYC
  • New Chicago architects and Manifest Digital, consulting + digital, disruption, change:  highlighting generational differences and the role of leadership in dealing with adaptation, reinvention, innovation
  • Winners of the $100K for a start-up award Gumshoe – Funded by Night
  • Evening keynote by Dan Gilbert:   Vision for WEBward Avenue, Make Detroit cars sexy again, the importance of tech and creative companies coming to the D, and how great it is to live, work, and play in Detroit.

Theme: The two-day conference is designed for executive management and decision makers from corporate, small and midsized businesses, entrepreneurs, brand managers, marketing, communication professionals, students and professionals in the digital/technology spheres, offering advice on implementing digital strategies to engage their audiences and boost the profitability of their companies. FutureMidwest conferences focus on the impact of technology in five areas:

  • Integrated marketing: How to integrate digital platforms into a well-rounded marketing mix
  • User experience: How to create an engaging experience across a variety of digital media
  • Mobile: How it’s impacting information exchange and user access and how to utilize it
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics: How to define metrics that matter most and apply them
  • Regional growth: How the Midwest is participating in the Information Age

Source:  http://www.futuremidwest.com/program/


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