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Change Management Resources  started in 2010 as a portal & treasury of rich resources.  We moved it to ScoopIt as a curation stream in 2012.  Along with Change Leadership Watch, which boasts a high view rate, both sites share multiple perspectives on leading and guiding change, rather than one company’s or one thought leader’s point of view.

Why? Because one group’s point of view may or may not fit your needs. The site is a growing hub of vetted resources geared for busy leaders, built on a communal spirit of openness featuring the participative values of organization development as well as the metrics and related disciplines of social, business and health science.

Check out current new video about change and the classic  Richmond Savings video about participative change in action.  We envision the Kathie Dannemiller Whole Scale Change legacy shining forth in a building collaborative, generous spirit in this new site as we add video interviews, shared articles, and more that we’ve been gathering.

The current Change Management Resources site (in the original version, started by Ron, Deb & Rick) is about stewarding a vibrant, rich, change management hub that is:

1. Easy to access
2. High quality
3. Diverse in methods and approaches
4. Applicable to a wide variety of company/organizational types and industries
5. Full of of materials used in real organizations

We are also on twitter:  @ChangeTools for Deb and @ChangeResults for Ron.

Thanks for visiting and joining in the on-line mutual learning community. Comments enrich the conversation.

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