Leaders and Best: 5 Keys to Sustaining Engagement in #SocialMedia Integrated #Healthcare

Yes, you CAN make a difference in the lives of your current and prospective employees and patients using#SocialMedia Integrated #HealthCare.  As mentioned in the presentation below, a Latin motto, Suus non ut Difficile, is translated to English as “It’s not that hard.” It is the motto of Social Media University, Global (SMUG) at the Mayo Clinic, which is included as a case study in the SlideShare below and in the resources handout listed at the end of the this post.

For many organizations, there may be an existing Facebook page or Twitter account that just needs a bit of creativity, energy, and a renewed desire to engage with colleagues, peers  and patients in a transparent and honest way to help that social media account come alive, while honoring privacy and professional boundaries.  

The hashtag # in the title is a 21st century way of building #socialglue and community by searching topics that help connect people of like minds and interest via Twitter and Facebook, and other social media platforms using hashtags.

Leaders and Best: Employee Engagement in #SocialMedia Integrated #HealthCare

  • Deb Nystrom, REVELN Consulting, REVELN Consulting @REVELNConsults & The Social Media Learning Lab @SoMediaLearnLab
  • American College Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Michigan & Ohio chapters
  • Tuesday, October 6, 2015 Sandusky, Ohio

PHOTO Sandusky Social Media Healthcare Instagram

The photo above is an Instagram photo taken as we prepared to take the stage to discuss what is current and what has made a difference in Social Media Integrated Healthcare. Pictured: Ed Treft, Mike Beier, Laura Rerucha and me, Deb Nystrom speaking on my learning from the Social Media Learning Lab, an enjoyable part of what I do as a change facilitator and consultant, team and leadership coach with REVELN Consulting.

From the audience feedback to my recent presentation, here are a few examples of what resonated with them:

  • Yes, we can tell a story using social media.
  • It seems overwhelming, yet we can do more with the social media we are already using.

The full presentation features a 5 Keys Framework acronym: DPPEE, for Data — Purpose — Plan — Engage / Execute — Evaluate (ROI reference.)  It’s about upping your connection through your existing social media channels you may already have in place.  DPPEE stands for Data — Purpose — Plan — Engage / Execute — Evaluate (ROI reference.)

The photo gallery below includes a slide favored by the audience on the PURPOSE of blogging, since ancient times.

The 6 items of PURPOSE apply to any type of social media blogging, including microblogging (Twitter), as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and newer forms of Social as they emerge: SnapChat, YikYak, etc.  The photos also include one of the “Leaders and Best”, the University of Michigan, my alma mater and former employer,  as they offers insights for social media strategy, and another top leader, the Mayo Clinic, for their employee and patient engagement work with social media:


Below is the full Slideshare from my presentation.

Engagement in social media integrated healthcare ACHE 2015 from Deb Nystrom
Physicians in healthcare with powerful networks, including social media networks, that make a difference

Physicians in healthcare with powerful networks, including social media networks, that make a difference

Below is my resources handout that features my research and links from the presentation, and to related social media blogs at REVELN.com. The handout also includes a link to Mike Beier and Laura LaReucha, via Contxt as they were also on the panel and presenting on this topic. On REVELN.com I also cover several Mayo Clinic social media case studies that illustrate the power of connection via the # hashtag, Twitter and microblogging at conferences.

RESOURCES: Engagement in Social Media Integrated Healthcare 

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Suus non ut Difficile. You are not in it alone.  There are many ways to succeed.  Start with the 5 Keys, DPPEE. Yes, you can make a difference!  

Suus non ut Difficile, is translated to English as “It’s not that hard.”

Suus non ut Difficile, is translated to English as, “It’s not that hard.”

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