View from the top terrace of Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy

“To beautify the Earth is the supreme Art.”

― Pietros Maneos
Eastern Redbud, Forest Pansy, Cercis canadensis, Michigan

In the Backyard

A view of the backyard can be a transporting experience, for workdays a home, for mindfulness, to transform a stressful moment into one of refreshed perspective.

Bougainvillea, Rome, Italy

Travel and Gardens

Traveling through Rome, Viterbo and Soriano Nel Cimino, Florence and Turin was a delight of all the senses. Soon to come, suggestions for travel in Italy, as well as garden delights.

Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright

Architecture and Nature

Villa Lante Gardens, Bagnaia, Viterbo, central Italy

Exploring Italy

Spring view 2020, Michigan

Gifts of the Seasons

Ke’e Beach, Sunset at the Na’pali coast,Hāʻena Beach State Park

Touring the USA

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