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The Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation is one of the places at Mayo Clinic that participates in Second Life, a free 3D virtual world where users can socialize, connect and create using free voice and text chat..

The Mayo Clinic is doing some amazing things in the innovation space, using service design. Since 2009, Mayo has been offering an annual Innovation conference that engages the whole organization with social media tools. Features of the gathering that helps spur on energy, creativity and innovation include:

  • Diversity, 400 or so executives & thought leaders in diverse disciplines of large enterprise innovation are invited mix & mingle at one of the first Transform conferences
  • Tools, using engagement tools in social media, such as SocialText and Twitter.  From 2014’s Transform conference:
    • “Twitter is our true cornerstone for our social media needs. There are more and more people in health care migrating to Twitter every day; it has become a super tool of communication with our community of Transform attendees past and present. Twitter is also a phenomenal resource to find great people sharing their experience and knowledge in Twitter chats, and our communications calendar is scattered with hashtags for chats every day!
  • Processes, Fostering “microsharing” – a process using the above two elements, Diversity and Tools, in order to extend creative thinking to the whole organization, 50,000 people and more
  • Engagement, Mayo staffers not at the conference appoint themselves as connectors and advocates of new ideas and innovations to carry ideas forward to further development and possible implementation
  • Published, Mayo was cited as a case study cited in ~ The New Social Learning, Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner, 2010.  The graphic below illustrates the 2014 Transformation conference.

Mayo Clinic Booz-Allen-Transform-2014


A SlideShare featuring the Mayo innovation & social media story from 2011 as described,  is below:

I featured the Mayo Clinic’s Transform conference approach at an OD Summit conference in the Detroit area, Michigan (organization development) by the title: Social Media: Choosing Change Leadership & Strategic Agility over Chaos.
Deb Nystrom & Ron Koller presenting at the OD Summit
Find out more about the Mayo Clinic’s Transform conferences and innovation approaches here.

Read more about Strategic Agility as a replacement for traditional strategic planning here.


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