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I’m back from sunny Argentina and am posting for the new 2009 year:Dorrega-Plaza-Tango

  • A news item about the new federal Chief Performance Officer appointment
  • 2 blog-post references about goals: micro-goals as well as a performance management systems reference as a UM performance management pilot is underway.

News: Obama has appointed the United States’ first Chief Performance Officer, a CPO. Nancy Killefer will work with the different cabinet departments to drive alignment and execution from all the people serving there. That’s one view. The Chicago Tribune labels the appointment as giving a new title to old waste-cutting job connected with a Reagan era similar appointment focused on attacking government waste. 

2013 Update:  In 2009, President Obama appointed Jeffrey “Jeff” D. Zients to the new position of United States Chief Performance Officer and was confirmed by the Senate to be Deputy Director for Management of the Office of Management and Budget in the federal government of the United States.

You can call him President Obama’s weed-wacker. But instead of trimming the front yard, Zients is tasked with removing the ineffective and irrelevant programs run by the federal government.   As Deputy Director for Management, Zients currently leads the Office of Management and Budget.

As Obama made room for health-care reform and economic stabilization initiatives, he created the chief performance officer (CPO) role to ferret out and eliminate waste inside the federal budget. When Peter Orszag left the White House on July 30, 2010, Zients became acting Office of Management and Budget head while Jack Lew waited for Senate confirmation.

One more update: May 2013  

Four years after President Obama created the post of chief performance officer to some fanfare, the job is now vacant, a spokeswoman for the Office of Management and Budget confirmed this week.
“OMB does not currently have a chief performance officer,” Ari Isaacman Astles said in an email to FedLine.   “The responsibilities of the CPO are being handled by the OMB management team.”

Goals and Micro-Goals

From the elegantly simple micro-goal to the robust or scary (depending on your role/viewpoint) performance management system these two blog posts welcome the new year with good goal and process references. You may be also familiar with SMART, a simple goal writing acronym that we have used at HRD just to jumpstart how to write a more complete, results oriented goal. Include the action plan formula (who will do what, when, with what resources) and your goal is likely to be clear and complete.

S (specific)

M (measurable)

A (achievable)

R (relevant to your mission)

T (time limited)

The micro-goal post is here at Have-a-happier-new-year-with-micro-goals.

Performance Management System
Implementing a good performance management system with performance data and facilitating helpful performance conversations can be at odds without careful tuning and involvement of those who are the users/target audience of the performance management process. Here’s excerpts from a post from a highly rated HR blog site that does a good job of highlighting the current issues with performance management systems:

  • performance management products are available from over 50 vendors making it increasingly difficult for companies to choose an appropriate product.
  • the very definition of performance-management technology is evolving, adding choice complexity

On the people side of the equation:

“…introducing performance management into the workplace is a radical cultural shift for people and it’s not just about technology.” — Leighanne Levensaler, director of talent-management research at Bersin & Associates.

For this reason, companies need to ensure that the proper training and incentives are provided to drive adoption.

The full blog post: Making-sense-Performance-Management-HR-World

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2013 update note: This WordPress/UM blog post was developed while I was still in the experimental stage of starting a new blog stream at the University of Michigan.  Back then, I was offering “Best wishes for 2009!”

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