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Deb: There are some great ideas here on the power of tribe and networks.  Why not use the tribe to help each other?

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What is a Tribe page anyway? Good question and I’m glad you asked. The tribe page is one of my favorite pages as it’s the section where I can promote other people in my tribe or blogging alliance. These people I look up to as trainers, team members, people who I want to associate with.

 …the benefits of a tribe page with the pretty link plug in is; traceability, visual promotion and mutual benefit. As my blog grows in traffic so does all the clicks through my tribe member’s pages.

…Here’s a few examples of some great tribe pages.

Jon Alfredsson

Michael Feil

Kary Rogney

Nick Logan

author:  Ken Pickard – The Network Dad

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Deb: Some great ideas here. Why not, if you are a blogger & or do internet marketing. Why not use the tribe to help each other?

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