What’s Important? The Top Seven for Surving a Bleeping, Blogging Desert and Flood

Blogging while peeling away the complexity onion…is like texting while driving.  You might get something done, but you could REALLY hurt yourself and others too. — Deb

Heh, just saying…the quote above represents mentally wrestling through some heady, loose thoughts captured in a 3 page article I wrote yesterday dealing with niche-mastering, audience development, “all decisions are unconscious,” and the like.  I’m setting those aside to clarify a few things for myself and perhaps helping you too in taking a new perspective as the year draws to a close and the holidays advance.

As for texting while driving, or posting a blog in such a state, I don’t recommend it via this brief video link on Flickr.  (Caution, it has somewhat violent humor with teens, cars crashing, an airplane…a world ending.  May be quite suitable to sharing with your driving-age kids, however. )

via flickr.com Why texting while driving, or writing in Complexity Mode, is NOT recommended.

When Preparing to Blog, Some Perspective:

•    The holidays may not be the best time to be  reflective…we’re all so darn busy!
•    Year-end is sometimes a good time to be reflective…
•    The New Year might be a BETTER time to be reflective…
•    I need a Yoga break…
•    I need a Step-Circuit break…
•    I need a caffeine break…
•    I need a nap…
•    I need to get something done and off my long list, and this blog post is #1!

After helping deal with an unplanned marketing crisis with a beloved, local business, it was time to step back and ask myself a classic coaching question:  “What’s important?”

What’s important?  My top seven:

  1. It’s important to have patience, starting with myself.
  2. It’s important to enjoy the process of business building and growth, for myself and with others.  Thanks to JT for a KITA for getting me back on the blogging track via his twitter encouragement.
  3. It’s important to enjoy the people around me:  supportive new friends; great, new business partners; and awesome, fruitful, new networks.  These are all truly a joy to know in 2010 and 2011.  What a gift!
  4. It’s important to remember how much I enjoy being in business for myself and for/with others in my growing network, including the calls, chats, and emails I already had this a.m.    (And there’s the angel, Pat, over Skype in Canada last night.   I have a lot to celebrate in our practical and fun friendship! ☺)
  5. It’s important to be grateful. I choose to take out two gratitude journals and actually write in them regularly, rather than see the covers sitting there looking pretty.  I’m starting that via this blog.  As I’ve actually written it down; it counts!
  6. It’s important to appreciate readers like you who found their way to this page and got this far in this blog post.  You’re awesome, and thanks for being here!
  7. I’ve got awesome video testimonials!  So.. it’s important to prepare and launch my brand new social media group coaching teleclass on time in January, and get my phone interviews completed. Get ‘R done! (Just being practical!)

I offer a moment here of shameless self-promotion via the delightful Susan, one of the impromtu video testimonials in the link with #7 above.  She says, “I’ve been coaching for years and I’ve been to many social media programs, but this course….” (Susan is writing a check for the January class at the November PCAM conference, photo below.)  It’s good to see her smile and focus on my own personal milestones in the blogging with business process.  It’s the people that matter.

What I realized as I labored over a too-tortured article hitting three pages that just wouldn’t make it as a blog post, is that I had created not one, but perhaps 7 or 8 new posts that, mixed with my trend watching via the Reveln mini-blog business posts, should get me back on the blogging  track. Veteran bloggers, I’ll bet you’ve been there, done that. A good night’s sleep does help!   I realized I’ve been obsessing over these longer Reveln blog posts (the desert) and that obsession spurred a flood.  It is time to TAME the famine or feast beast that just happens to match my high-low work style.  The 3 page article that is birthing new posts has these themes featured, and a guest post coming too:

•    Your Niche Finding You
•    Shifting Perspective
•    All Decisions are Unconscious
•    Choosing to Be over Do
•    Loose – Tight
•    Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness
•    Listening to Yourself
•    Step by Strength Step

If any of these grab you where you have a sudden, immediate need to read one, contact me.   I’ll send you an advance draft snippet in exchange for your email commentary on it.  I’ve got those three pages ready to go.  Perhaps a collaboration could happen which is ALL the BETTER!  Go to my contact me page here if so.

Meanwhile, I wish you all the best for Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas. I’ve got a tele-class to plan and a nap to schedule.  I’m looking forward to doing both, and writing in my gratitude journal ALL about it!    ☺   –Deb

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3 Responses to “What’s Important? The Top Seven for Surving a Bleeping, Blogging Desert and Flood”

  1. Pat Milland says:

    Listening to yourself is a pet theme of mine. We usually think of this as listening to our thoughts, even our belief systems, certainly to self-talk! Ouch on that one! What most of us fail to listen to though, is our bodies, what happens to us inside when we are upset, stressed, angry, overworked…

    Time to go back to bed, Pat. It’s 3 a.m.!

  2. JT Pedersen says:

    Hello Deb,

    Thank you for making time to share. The List of 7 is indeed valuable. It is too easy to forget to enjoy everything life holds for us, everything God has granted us. Sometimes we simply need to stop, reflect, and move forward.

    My personal biggest challenge, and I’m hardly alone, is making time to be -able- to reflect, the quiet time without distraction needed to let ourselves listen to ourselves.


  3. dnrevel says:

    Overruling experienced intuition is my lesson of late, that is, don’t do it. Listen to yourself. Listening to your body is even a deeper level of listening. I do look forward to hearing more on that one Pat.

    And JT, here’s my blogger’s thought for the day, aided by reflection: All bloggers are interconnected in some way. We refer to one another, we inspire one another, and we often draw from the same wells of information as one another. We are all connected, and our connection is living. Growing. Morphing. Adapting.

    Source: http://smallbizreveln.posterous.com/systems-revenue-relationships-the-blog-tree-w
    specifically: Systems, Revenue & Relationships, The Blog Tree with Roots, Infographic, | Eloqua and JESS3

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