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Contact me via email or phone, or schedule your own brief (15 minutes), no-obligation consultation chat via the link below.

Possible topics & projects:

  • Executive / Leadership Coaching
  • Performance
  • Adapting to Change (Anti-Fragile, Participative)
  • High Performing Teams
  • Strategy, Visioning, Planning  (includes retreat facilitation, Open Space/Preferred Futuring & more)
  • Becoming a Healthier, More Connected Organization
  • Dealing with Hidden Morale Problems (Investigations, Appreciative Inquiry)
  • Beyond Performance Appraisals (how to transition)
  • Bullying in the Workplace,
  • Technology & Business Platform Implementations
  • Social Media for Business

All topics described above can include project team support, team leader & team coaching, peer group coaching, focus groups, meetings, retreats.  See a full list of services here.

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