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    A sample of Deb and REVELN’s topics & projects:

    Deborah Nystrom, REVELN Consulting

    Deborah Nystrom, REVELN Consulting

    • Executive / leadership / team coaching


    • Performance in higher education leader teams, faculty groups, nonprofits


    • Adapting to change (antifragile, adaptive, collaborative), change readiness assessment


    • Strategy, visioning, preparedness, planning, sustained execution (design and advisory teams, retreat facilitation, Open Space/Preferred Futuring, Liberating Structures, World Café)


    • High performing teams


    • Becoming a healthier, more connected organization, employee engagement and champions


    • Beyond performance appraisals, mulit-rater feedback, appreciative feedback  (how to transition)


    • Dealing with hidden morale problems (investigations, Appreciative Inquiry)


    • Bullying and aggression in the workplace,


    • Technology & business platform implementations and sustainability (the human element, pilot testing)


    • Social media for business and internal communication

    All topics described above can include project and design team support, team leader & team coaching, peer group coaching, focus groups, meetings, retreats.  See a full list of services here.

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