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Is there a need to…

Trey Ratcliff, Bamboo Forest
  • Prepare for challenging or pivotal meetings or retreats, so you can fully participate?
  • Involve your organization’s members fully to revise  or drop business processes that are not delivering results?
  • Examine work practices and culture to prepare for and adapt to your organization’s 21st century needs?
  • Work through challenging team problems to build better productivity?

Dissatisfaction is a powerful force in driving positive energy for sustainable change.

We help you to…

  • Develop your approach – using data to inform change initiator, implementer, facilitator and champion roles to build leaders throughout your organization.
  • Engage all levels of staff and managers in the organization while considering cross-functional impacts/involvements.

For new or transitioning leaders, we help..

  • Enhance new leader early actions in his or her new role with executive coaching development support. Based on research, the first year is the most treacherous for any new leader, having the highest retention risk.

We help you with Strategy Development and Implementation to:

  • Include appropriate organization and community stakeholders in the strategic conversations process.
  • Design a roadmap and timeline for strategic change and adaptation processes.
  • Navigate the change process, including helping you respond to various forms and types of feedback.
We provide Independent Data Collection, Interviews, Investigations, Focus Groups and Report Development to help you:
  • Develop approaches to focus group, interview and survey data collection that fits your organization’s culture and needs.
  • Write and/or co-develop reports that capture the organization’s voice. THis helps to galvanize group support to move into needed new areas of work and group development.

We help you with Event Design and Facilitation to:

  • Provide expertise in large group methods, that build energy & engagement while working through conflict and historical roadblocks.
  • Design meetings to make sure the right people have the right conversations at the right time.
  • Engage your strategic business skills via agenda and event design – increasing the likelihood of fully implementing strategic decisions/priorities – vetted and supported through effective group process.
  • Create an engaging, dynamic design driven by purpose, clear communication with results that include commitment to action.
Laughter, at the wrap-up of Open Space, Deb in brown, Facilitator, 2013
Laughter, at the wrap-up of Open Space at a statewide Professional Coaches

We help your Management and Union Leadership to:

  • Build working partnerships on practical issues in a way that is harmonious with and parallel to the collective bargaining process.
Coach Café, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Develop collaborative approaches to resolve conflicts.
  • Build trust and positive relationships.
  • Jointly develop initiatives that management and union can live with and support.