Horse Guided Coaching

Working with the Horses

Leadership and team development work using horse guides is provocative, generative, developmental, and powerful.   It enriches self-awareness, helps remove blind spots, fosters creativity, innovation,  and productivity while improving human relationships for individuals and groups. Two resources that provide more in-depth are here:  

Deb arranges horse-assisted coaching as a part of her affiliation with Horseplay, the Pitts-Aldrich organization, and Cavallo Equestrian Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan near Ann Arbor, Maple Ridge Farm and Deb Vogt, Holly Michigan and others.  


Action planning steps, with Horseplay, 2014

Action planning steps, with Horseplay, 2014

Additional photos of some of Deb’s work with Horseplay and horse-guided coaching is here.

  • Horse-guided work uses the sensitivity and  sensibility of horses, one of the most successful prey animals on the earth.  In horse-guided coaching experiences, you do not ride the horses.  Safety is foremost in all horse-guided coaching work.

Deb is now scheduling horse-guided coaching demonstrations for individual leadership development  It’s a great way to experience leader & learner development and coaching support.


Experiencing a horse “demo” 

Working with a horse guide can help you:

  • break through barriers to your success,
  • speed your progress toward your goals,
  • improve your self-awareness, and
  • improve clarity in your intentions,
  • improve your business success.
Deb at a winter Horseplay event, FoxBrush Farm, 2012

Deb at a winter Horseplay event, FoxBrush Farm, 2012

If you would like work with Deb, including an option for horse-guided leadership / executive coaching work, call or schedule a time to talk here, or email:

In addition to Deb’s coaching skills described here, Deb is also an experienced consultant (25+ years as an intrapreneur & organization development facilitator) with deep expertise in organizational systems and systems thinking, as well as technological skills to help you look at the context for your business, business and personal leadership and career growth in today’s open, continuously changing, social media influenced world.

Coaching articles by Deb include:


If you’ve read this far,  here’s the final action step, what’s needed to make a difference in your life:  Contact Deb here and schedule a time to talk about horse-guided coaching.  ~ D