Here are the tools, Slideshares, downloads and resources that clients and I have found useful.   Categories include:

  • Partnerships and Teams

  • Change, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Performance

  • Social Media

  • Leadership Coaching – How to Select a Coach

  • Libraries and Other Tools

Partnerships & Teams:

See the full 7 Secrets, Success with Team post with photos here.


Change, Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

See the full blog post with resources here:  Think like an Entrepreneur: Be Anti-Fragile No Matter Where You Work from the recent American Business Women’s Association presentation in Ann Arbor, Michigan  

Compare and contrast changes in training and learning for leaders via the handout, 21st Learning is Developmental and Dynamic, here.

A sample of Associate Professor Sara Saravathy’s work on entrepreneurship and effectuation is here.

Deb’ recent FRAME Change Management SlideShare at the recent Knowledge Management Institute Showcase in Arlington, VA.

FRAME an Energized Approach to Adaptive Change, Smart Process AND Lasting Results from Deb Nystrom
For personalized change, see Deb’s photos, the Anti-Fragile handout on this page and notes from the Women of Color Task Force conference presentation.
This is the SlideShare, from the session:

  • Deb’s Change Management Resources collection is here.


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  • The Membership, Control, Goal (MCG) model – to help teams develop, is available here.
  • The teamwork Control & Leadership model (relevant to the MCG model above) is here.
  • The Belbin® Team Roles framework is here to clarify team contributions, needs.  (Note: Belbin roles are a starting point, not an ending point for team roles.)

[Depending on your browser, some photos show as compressed.  Click on a regular or compressed  photo to see it regular or full size.]

  • Strategic Action: Find your way forward through multiple perspectives with Preferred Futuring  (.pdf download)  including Current Situation:  What’s Working, What’s Not!
  • The classic (1 page version) 7S Organization Effectiveness Model or McKinsey 7-S by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman ~ A Diagnostic Model for Organizational Effectiveness.  Also see Marvin Weisbord’s model.


  Leadership Coaching – How to Select a Coach:

Deb at a winter Horseplay event, FoxBrush Farm, 2012

Deb at a winter Horseplay event, FoxBrush Farm, 2012

for Business, Higher Education Faculty Leaders and Non-Profit Executives

The video below helps explain the power of coaching.  My specialty is infused with 20 years of in-depth practical, intrapreneurial experience based in organization development (OD) change practices in large, complex, decentralized and centralized organizations.

Also find out about Deb’s partner network events in change, leadership development, and horse guided coaching demos and events and more.


 Note:  After the initial ad, you may need to adjust your speakers.  It may take up to a minute or so for the player to load and for the player controls to appear on your computer screen.

    • In the interview, I covered the  the three “Cs” of coaching, also referred to as 3 core competencies of coaching.   These are the coach having the ability to:
    • Connect with his or her person being coached
    • Clarify (produce clarity) for the coaching client according to HIS or HER definition, intention – NOT the coaches version
    • Commit to an action that produce results in line with the client’s overall coaching goals and desired outcomes.
    • I’m also social and digital media savvy via work with the Social Media Learning Lab since 2011, which has been very helpful to my coaching clients.

 Want to find out more about my confidential coaching work with you or someone in your organization?  There’s a handy calendar scheduler on my CONTACT  page here.

Groups, Retreats & Preferred Futuring & Open Space:

      • Handout What is Open Space Technology? ICF Michigan  from the OST afternoon, 2 hours, with professional coaches at the ICF Michigan Annual Forum, October 17th, 2013, focusing on business building, quotes included.

Here’s preview of what’s next.  Click on a photo see the photo gallery.

      • ScoopIt news on Talent and Performance Development newsletter (click to view).   Email me at with TALENT & PERFORMANCE in the subject line if you’d like to receive this newsletter in particular.


Social Media:

Samples of social media events via Deb's 3rd area of expertise, the Social Media Learning Lab

Samples of social media events via Deb’s 3rd area of expertise, the Social Media Learning Lab

  • Other Tools:

    Deb’s Agile Learning curated news is here

    Deb’s coaching services page is here (Executive, leader, team, transition, change, careers)

    Understanding Extroversion and Introversion (downloadable 1 page tool)

    Preferred Futuring – A robust, flexible process for planning.  Integrates well with many aspects of strategy development and visioning.  1 page overview is  here (Word doc.)

    STEEP [Social, Technological, Economic, Ecological, Political (legislative)] and SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) are two methods of doing macro and micro environmental scans useful for planning and preparedness.  STEEP is further described well here.  SWOT is described well hereThough Preferred Futuring incorporates SWOT elements (featuring a different approach using Environmental Scanning), SWOT is effective for general planning for many groups.

    A sample Retreat Planning process with a focus on creating a strategic direction (plan) is here (pdf)

    Meeting Agendas – PAL & PACT  using the structure for meetings:  PAL – Purpose, Agenda, Limit  and PACT – Purpose, Agenda, Critique, Time

    People and Task Too many meetings and projects are long on task, and short on people elements.  Adding a simple “Welcome!”  and “Hi, How are you?” with a sincerely managed, brief check-in on how people are doing and if there are pressing issues can help greatly with the task/people balance for both meetings and with entire projects.

    Ladder of Inference A good theoretical model that helps capture the invisible in  communication, available here.  Practically, when communicating,  inferences and beliefs are referenced in a nanosecond, with implications that impact communication for days, weeks, years.

    FIND out more via taking an action step!  Here’s my  CONTACT  page.


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